Our teaching style can best be defined as a relaxed and patient style. We set clear goals for the class but like the students to have a flexible interactive experience. During the PhotoShop instruction part of the workshop we strive to cover the subject matter not from a technical standpoint but from a practical point of view. Teaching, as a team, allows us to have much more of a one-on-one experience with the students. This one-on-one time allows us to provide each participant with a more personalized experience. During the shooting portion of the workshop, we like to move from student to student working with them on technical or compositional techniques. It is our goal to inspire the student. Turning the inspiration into the ability to capture, in a photograph, what they are visualizing in their mind.

As with all outdoor shoots, we strive to be flexible, allowing for weather, travel problems, or other unforeseeable obstacles during the workshop. At times, our syllabus and class schedule will need to be modified to reflect these obstacles. We purposely schedule enough interior shooting and landscape shooting so unfavorable weather can be worked around.

Landscapes and Legends of the Old West

~ End of February 2009 ~

This technical workshop emphasize photography on location and is designed to immerse the adventurous photographer and history buff into digital photography. The rugged country of Southeastern Arizona, adds a richness of natural and historical beauty to your experience and gives you a sense-of-place, of connection to the past and the people who walked this land before us.

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Where We Go: Arizona is genuine “wild west” country. Explore and photograph the historic past and experience the character of the land and the people who became legends. The heyday of this area was during the mining operations of the 19th century. The remains of those days offers a continual variety of countless opportunities to capture the spirit of the old west. As a photographer, this workshop provides you with the rare opportunity to photograph while re-living the nostalgia and romance of the west. Your 5 day workshop begins and ends each day, in charming Bisbee, with time to photograph the old towns of nearby Warren and Lowell. Lucas and Kathie will guide you through the rugged landscape of the Chiricahua and the Huachuca Mountains national parks to photograph panoramic vistas, sky islands, canyons and walk in the footsteps of Geronimo and Cochise. Traveling to the ghost towns of Tombstone, Gleeson, Fairbank, Pearce and Courtland provides us with Victorian architecture, adobe walls, cemeteries and the inspiration to create vintage artistic photos. We also explore Ft. Bowie seeped in history and brimming with photographic opportunities.

What You Learn: Broaden your imagination base and develop your creative eye with lessons that blend technical knowledge with visual elements of design. We provide you with focused field assignments, which cover topics from landscape and architecture photography to vintage finishes. Sepia-toned images are associated with period photography of the 1800s and "that old-time feel". You will learn to create black and white and toned photographs. Work will be critiqued and related to your personal artistic objectives and innovative experimentation. You will be creating stunning images and learn the skills to capture night photos. While the emphasis is on time in the field, each day includes a critique session and discussion-demonstration of image processing techniques with PhotoShop. Learn the tools, methods and advanced techniques that change the way one visualizes, shoots and presents compelling and creative panoramic photographs of both outdoor natural subjects and interiors. Learn to see or pre-visualize what subjects make a good panoramic and the technical HDR (high dynamic range) concepts and tricks of shooting; not for the one perfect "shot" but for the needs of combined images to build the final panoramic image.

Who Should Attend: You should be comfortable with the operation of your camera. This workshop is designed for photographers of all ability levels, and those who enjoy the mystic of the western genre. Small group size assures individual attention and unhurried shooting.